Festival info

Remember that Stockholm Slaughter stands for artistic freedom and will never tolerate any kind of discrimination against specific groups, or ideologies that undermine human dignity and equality. The festival is a political free event so leave your political opinions at home and come celebrate the music!

Age limit

As announced, the age limit for admission at the festival is 18 years with or without accompanying parents.

At the entrance

In order to access the festival, you have to show a valid ticket, the pdf-file that includes a QR-code  . Please bring a printout or show the QR code on your mobile device (use full light on the screen!).

If you did not receive the pdf upon purchasing the ticket please contact Tickster before the festival starts. Receipts, order confirmations or anything else than valid tickets will not be accepted.

You can also purchase tickets at box-office however it would be preferable that you buy them online.

Please have your ticket ready when you enter the venue to assure a smooth check-in for everybody. Upon entering the venue, you will receive a wristband. The wristband is your ticket for the rest of the weekend depending on the purchased ticket, meaning that you can get in and out as often as you want.

It is absolutely forbidden to bring any sharp objects, liquids or any kind of weapons (including pepper spray). Bringing alcohol or food to the venue is also strictly prohibited.

Bars, snacks and alcohol

Fryshuset – Klubben, the venue, has three bars: two on the main floor and one at the flood floor.

The food area is on a different floor than the concert hall (up the stairs). Snacks like kebab, gyros will be served but in case you want a proper meal, just search for something in the Gullmarsplan / Globen area, which is within walking distance from the venue.

The venue will be serving, 3-4 different types of beer, cider, wine and soft drinks. No strong alcohol due to the strict rules and regulations.

Cameras and cloakroom

System cameras are allowed, but you are not allowed to bring into the concert hall any kind of backpacks or bags for your camera. Camera accessories, including camera bags MUST be checked in at the cloakroom. The fee for the cloakroom can only be paid in cash.

Large jackets, coats or other large clothing items must be checked in at the cloakroom.

We appreciate if you limit the use of your phone/camera to film or take pictures during performances. It would be most considerate of you to think of the other fellow festival attendees and enjoy the shows together.


Band and festival merchandise will be available and can only be paid in cash. Band merch can only be paid in SEK while festival merchandise can be paid in both SEK and EURO (no Euro coins though).

1 EUR = 10 SEK

We recommend people interested in buying festival merchandise, to do so already on Friday due to the limited items available.

Press accreditation

The press list is already full thus we do not accept any accreditation requests.


Our goal is to make this a pleasant experience for everybody while also complying with very strict rules and regulations. Thus some things that may be taken for granted in other countries, are simply forbidden in Sweden (like taking your drink with you when you go out for a smoke).

According to the Swedish law, persons that are extremely intoxicated are to be removed from venues without any prior warning. We hope that during the festival there will not be any such cases. Tap water is absolutely drinkable in Stockholm so, don’t save on it, it’s free!

Aggressive behavior will not be tolerated. Please report it to the security guards.

If you or anybody around you is feeling unwell, contact the security staff and they will show you to our festival nurse.


The entire building has a strict no smoking policy. The only smoking areas are outside, next to the entrance and on the terrace close to the food area. No drinks are allowed outside (this is a rule that most of the bars and venues have in Sweden).

the concert hall and at the food area.

Sunday event, 29th of April

We expect nothing less than an epic ending for this year’s festival. Those that are able to join on Sunday, the 29th of April should know that all festival tickets except Friday tickets are valid for this extra day.

We will announce the venue on Saturday, the 28th of April. Keep an eye on the Facebook page & event and at the festival, between the live acts.

The time schedule:

11:30 Doors open

12:15 Fides Inversa

13:30 Taake

15:00 Marduk

For those coming from abroad and flying in and out from Arlanda, we recommend you to book your trip from the airport with Flygbussarna Door to Gate. When we announce the venue where Marduk, Taake and Fides Inversa are going to perform, you can also book your shuttle back from that place straight to the airport. This can be done up to 5 hours before departure.

This venue also has a cloakroom, which means you can bring your luggage and check it in so you don’t have to return to the hotel.


There are toilets at the entrance of the venue, on the left side of the stage in the concert hall and upstairs, at the food area.

Tourist info

About the city

Stockholm, capital of Sweden, home to more than 2 million people, is one of Europe’s most visitor friendly capitals. Stockholm is built on 14 different islands, interconnected by 57 bridges.

Regardless if you’re looking for a high-quality restaurant or unique museum, Stockholm has it all!

As compared to Copenhagen and Oslo, Stockholm is still cheaper for tourists, making it the most affordable Scandinavian capital today.

If you arrive one or several days prior to the festival you will be able to experience and see the city and its landmarks.

Temperatures of about 12-15℃ during the day and maximum 3℃ at night are expected (around 53 to 37 on Fahrenheit scale). In other words, if you plan to be out for a longer time, bring warm clothes!

A very important detail to keep in mind is that during weekends, public transport is in service all night long. Uber services are slightly cheaper than regular taxi (all taxi services are rather costly in Sweden), so if you’re on budget, whenever possible, use the subway or the bus.

Plan your travel in Stockholm by downloading the SL app (also available in English).

Card payments are widely accepted everywhere in Sweden do you don’t really need too much cash in your wallet, except for buying merch at the festival.

Arrival in Stockholm

If you’re arriving by car, make sure you know in advance where you’re going to park your car. Parking in the inner city can be an issue and fines are given all the time. Parking around the festival area is extremely limited so we suggest that you use the public transport instead.

If you are arriving by train, you can take the green line subway to Gullmarsplan to get to the venue.

If you’re landing at Arlanda Airport, and you are minimum 2 persons, we recommend that you use the Door to Gate service, that will basically take you from the airport all the way to your accommodation in Stockholm  . Other shared transportation options are FlyggbussarnaArlanda Express, the SL train service.

If you’re landing at Bromma, Skavsta or Västerås, then Flyggbussarna might be the only easy way to get into the city.

Keep in mind that you must have a valid ticket before getting on board of the above-mentioned transport services. Payments on the public transport ot the driver/conductor are not possible. You can book you tickets either online, at the ticket machines or at SL services centers.


Recommended points of interest while in Stockholm

Vasa (a must if your schedule allows it)





The first 3 above mentioned museums are within a few hundred meters distance from each other.

Bars we like, that also serve tasty food

Aifur (the only Viking restaurant in Sweden)

Omnipollo (Swedish craft beer at its best and probably Stockholm’s best pizza)

Brewdog Södermalm (the closest one to the venue)

Mikkeller (Fantastic beer selection)

Akkurat (Huge choice of ales & malt whiskies in a lively tavern)

Recommended events

Last but not least here’s a short list of upcoming events that we recommend:

Vienna Metal Meeting

Midgardsblot Metalfestival

Eindhoven Metal Meeting