First bands announcement and early bird tickets available

Back in 2017, Shining was forced to cancel their performance at the first edition of our festival due to health related issues. Meanwhile they have not performed in Sweden and now we’re happy to announce that Niklas Kvarforth & co is finally coming to Stockholm next year in April.

2018 marked the come back of the cult heavy metal band Morgana Lefay and we’re of course happy to announce that they will be performing at Stockholm Slaughter 2019.

In the landscape extreme music Bölzer and their sound is something unique. Catch them together with Harakiri for the Sky and Forndom at the next edition of Sweden’s biggest indoor metal event.

Early bird tickets are available now and with each band announcement the ticket price will increase.

Stockholm Slaughter 2019 will take place in Slakthusområdet, which translates to “the slaughterhouse area”. The entire block used to be one big abattoir apparatus! The main stage will be at Kraken Sthlm, located a few minutes from our previous venue, Fryshuset. Located just one hundred meters away or one minute walking distance is our second stage and venue – Slaktkyrkan, or “The Slaughter Church”.

Another important change is that the festival will only take place on Saturday, as opposed to the first two and then three days of our 2018 edition. Expect at least 12 intense hours of internationally acclaimed acts taking turns performing on two stages. Guests travelling from afar are encouraged to arrive one day early, since we’ll be hosting a pre-party event on the Friday, April 26.