Important news regarding the upcoming edition

Before we proceed with any line up announcements we would like to share a few important news regarding the upcoming edition of Stockholm Slaughter.

☑ As some of you may have already noticed, the next edition will be stretching over two days. This has been mainly decided in order to avoid major overlapping between the bands. The maximum overlap for the next edition will be 5 to 10 minutes while between certain bands there will be no overlapping at all.

☑ We have, upon your request, managed to find a solution for the people that want to take a break, sit down and have a quick snack or a drink. This area is located in between the two stages, 30 seconds away from either of the venues. Couldn’t have been more fitting!

☑ The merchandise area will be extended. Please note that we cannot force any band to bring merchandise. To our disappointment, some people complained that certain bands had very little merchandise while some did not bring any at all. It is not in our power to decide if bands will have something to sell or not although we encourage them to do so. There will not be any other external vendors selling records or other items not related to the bands on our bill. The merchandise area is exclusively for the performing bands!

☑ There will be a fourth bar in order to minimize the waiting time when ordering drinks.

☑ While we cannot deny that there have been some problems with the sound at the the Arena stage, you can rest assured that there will be major improvements sound wise, for this next edition of the festival. Similar problems happen at all major festivals, however it would not make any difference to go into details, especially now when all is said and done.

We will do everything in our power to offer you the best possible concert experience in the heart of Sweden!

It is our sole desire to make the festival as visitor friendly as possible, and in order to do so, we need your feedback. We’re more than happy to receive suggestions so feel free to send a message on Facebook or to use the contact form on the webpage.

Please note that we do NOT accept any bands requests because the line-up for Stockholm Slaughter 2018 has already been decided.

See you in Stockholm, in the last weekend of April, for another metal marathon with some of the best international acts out there!